Azure Storage

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to rotate an Azure Storage Account Access Key.

Regenerate an Azure Storage Account Access Key

Step 1 - Navigate to the Access keys page

1a. Navigate to Storage Accounts

Navigate to the Storage Accounts page and click on the relevant Storage Account.

1b. Navigate to Access Keys

Under Security + networking, click on Access Keys.

Step 2 - Regenerate the Access key

Click on the Rotate key. If you have multiple keys, clicking Show next to the Key or Connection String fields will reveal that key’s information. Ensure you’re rotating the correct key. Confirm the key rotation action by clicking Yes. You’ll see a message at the top indicating that you “Successfully regenerated access key”.

Note: Clicking Rotate key will revoke the existing key in addition to creating a new one.

Replace the Leaked Azure Storage Account Access Key

Replace the leaked Azure Storage Account Access Key with the new one in all impacted applications and services.